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Five Reasons Why Volunteering is the Most Rewarding Experience

Volunteering, over time, has transformed from leisure time community service into an effective tool in socially conscious professional networking. Whether you are a student, a newcomer to the town, or just a person looking for direction in your life, volunteering at a local non-profit organization is a fitting way to begin your pursuit. I have […]

Why Volunteer? Benefits of Community Service for Families with Special Needs

If I had a megaphone and 10 seconds to stand in front of every parent of a child with a disability to say one thing, it would be this: Volunteer with your kids. Huh? You may be thinking, “After years of experience, being a teacher/administrator/advocate, and getting your M.Ed you’re going to use that time […]

How to get involved with a volunteer fire department

Getting involved with a volunteer fire department is an incredibly rewarding way to make a positive contribution to your community. It is often a stepping stone to starting a career in a full-time fire department.  That said, it’s not something that everyone can undertake. It takes a great deal physical stamina and mental strength to […]